Seniorista is the personalized senior-rep concept at LaMon Photography.  My girls are Senioristas, and they are my greatest joy as a photographer.  Traditional rep programs are dead.  Or at least they should be.  I tried every variation imaginable, and the benefit to the studio was negligible.  I could see the eyes of my reps glaze over as I talked about credit for referrals.  It wasn’t fun.  Teenagers crave fun.  It was only when I changed my focus to making happy memories, and stopped asking for any referrals whatsoever, that my program took off.  Being a Seniorista is a privilege.  And it’s not free. I don’t claim to be an expert, as I am just now finishing up my first year with the Seniorista program.  But it’s working.  Most of our shoots are all about the girls, but I also crave to teach them community service in the process.  For example, each girl was paired with a shelter dog, she styled her own shoot with the dog, and we had a contest to see which pup was adopted first.  At Christmas, my Senioristas spent many hours at the local Boys and Girls Club helping to prepare an amazing Christmas party for […] Read More